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  • Public Works Street Division

    The Street Division is responsible for the following programs:

    Snow & Ice Control, which oversees the removal of snow and ice from over 100 miles of streets and over 300 cul-de-sacs in the Village.

    Street Maintenance & Repair, which oversees the sweeping and patching of streets, and the maintenance of curbs and sidewalks.

    Traffic Signs, Signals & Lights, which oversees the maintenance of 2,000 street lights, all traffic control signage, street light cable repairs, light pole repairs, and the striping and marking of pavement.

    Storm Water Management, which oversees the maintenance of 98 miles of storm sewers, inlets and catch basins, and the installation and maintenance of aerators in the Village's retention ponds.  

    The Emerald Ash Borer was discovered in Carol Stream in November of 2007.  The Village has identified the location of all of the ash trees in the Village’s parkways. Trained staff arborists have inspected nearly every Ash tree in the parkway inventory.  As a result of the inspection, over 2,000 infected trees have been removed and 300 more are expected to be removed as decline continues.  At the same time, the Village is aggressively replacing parkway trees.  Since 2012 the Village has replaced more than 1,550 trees with 600 more to be planted in Spring 2014 and another 600 in the Fall.

    Mosquito Management, which oversees mosquito management through an agreement with Clarke Mosquito Control.

    124 Gerzevske Lane
    Carol Stream, IL 60188
    (630) 871-6260

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