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  • Residential Garbage & Recycling

    Single & Multi-Family Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection Program

    Carol Stream residents are served by Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Systems Co. of Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois, which has an exclusive franchise agreement with the Village to collect general refuse, yard waste and recycling from residents living in single-family homes and in multi-family rental communities. Flood Brother's service fleet is orange, white and green striped with Flood Brother's name detailed on the side of the collection trucks.

    Your support of the Village's residential recycling program is greatly appreciated and to this end, please ovserve the following guidelines to ensure the success of the curbside recycling toter program:

    • Do Not overfill the toter so the lid cannot close
    • Do Not exceed the toter's 150 lb. weight limit
    • Do Not bag your recyclables in paper or plastic
    • Do Not place excess recyclables on the toter lid
    • Do set out the toter so its handle faces the home and the opening faces the street.  Please Click here for an example of correct placement
    • Maintain a 2 ft. clearance on all sides of the toter
    • Flatten boxes and card board into 2"x 2' squares

    For more information on the Village's Residential curbside recycling program, call Flood Brothers Disposal Company at (630) 261-0578. Thank you for your support of this environmental initiative.

    Click here for the document

    Commingled Recyclables, consisting of recyclable glass, aluminum, cans, plastics and papers, generally collected from residential recycling, as follows:

    Materials Accepted:

    • Aluminum food and beverage containers
    • Glass food and beverage containers – brown, clear, or green
    • Ferrous (Iron) cans
    • PET plastic containers with the symbol #1 – with screw tops only, without caps
    • HDPE natural plastic containers with the symbol #2 – narrow neck containers only (milk and water bottles)
    • HDPE pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2 – narrow neck containers only, without caps (detergent, shampoo bottles, etc.)
    • Plastics with symbols #3, #4, #5, #6, #7-narrow and screw top containers
    • Newsprint
    • Old corrugated cardboard
    • Magazines
    • Catalogs
    • Cereal boxes
    • Telephone books
    • Printer paper
    • Copier paper
    • Mail
    • All other office paper without wax liners

    Materials Not Accepted, include but are not limited to (“Unacceptable Materials”):

    • Microwave trays
    • Mirrors
    • Window or auto glass
    • Light Bulbs
    • Ceramics
    • Porcelain
    • Plastics unnumbered
    • Plastic bags
    • Coat hangers
    • Glass cookware/bakeware
    • Household items such as cooking pots, toasters, etc.

    All glass containers must by empty and free of metal caps and rings and contain less than 5% food debris.
    All tin cans, bi-metal cans, and aluminum cans must be empty and contain less than 5% food debris.
    All aerosol cans must be empty with less than 5% content
    All plastic containers must be empty, caps removed; less than 5% food debris.
    All Fiber must be dry and free of food debris and other contaminating material.
    Tissues, paper towels or other paper that has been in contact with food is not acceptable.
    Recyclables may contain up to 5% Unacceptable Materials, provided however, Recyclables may not:

    1. Materially impair the strength or the durability of the COMPANY’s structures or equipment; or
    2. Create flammable or explosive conditions in COMPANY’s facilities;
    3. Contain dry cell batteries of lead acid batteries;
    4. Contain chemical or other properties which are deleterious or capable of causing material damage to any part of COMPANY’s property, its personnel or the public; or
    5. Contain Excluded Materials defined as any waste tires, radioactive, volatile, corrosive, flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, biohazardous, regulated medical or hazardous waste, toxic substance or material, as defined by, characterized or listed under applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations, or other waste not approved in writing by COMPANY.
    6. Loads not meeting the specifications may be rejected in whole or in part by COMPANY.

    The following electronics are banned from all Illinois landfills and therefore will be prohibited from being placed at curbside or in a waste container or recycling toter on your collection day:

    Bulk items include, but are not limited to household appliances, household furnishings but not limited to refrigerators, stoves, freezers, trash compactors, washers, dryers, furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, humidifiers, pianos, organs, tables, chairs mattresses, bookcases, etc. Please make arrangements with Flood Brothers, (630) 261-0400, for bulk pick-up prior to your scheduled collection day.

    On January 1, 2012 a ban goes into effect in the State of Illinois, which prohibits throwing electronics into landfills.
    Banned items include but are not limited to:

    • computers             NotforLandfills
    • computer monitors           
    • printers                
    • laptops                         
    • televisions              
    • keyboards
    • fax machines        
    • recorders                        
    • mp3 players         
    • video consoles            
    • DVD players          
    • computer mouse scanners              
    • digital converter box       
    • cable receiver      
    • satellite receivers        
    • DVRs                      
    • small servers

    These items must be recycled by a registered collector, recycler and/or manufacturer. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website contains a complete list of all collectors registered in the State at  http://www.epa.state.il.us/land/electronic-waste-recycling/index.html

    To download the legislation (Illinois PA 095-0959) click here .

    500 North Gary Avenue | Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 | Phone: (630) 665-7050 | TDD: (630) 668-5785 | Fax: (630) 665-1064
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