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  • The Public Works Department periodically trims parkway trees to allow for safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.  What is a parkway tree?  Generally, the parkway is the area in front of your home between the curb and the sidewalk.  If you have no sidewalks in front of your home, the trees nearest the street might still be parkway trees, if they are located in the Village’s right-of-way. 


    Because there are thousands of trees located in public parkways, the Village’s plan calls for them to be trimmed once every six years. These trees are not trimmed for aesthetic purposes (to make them appear more visually attractive), but rather to allow for clearance of vehicles and pedestrians and to aerate the canopy for the health of the tree. 

    If you are aware of a parkway tree that needs trimming or other maintenance, please contact the Public Works Department at (630) 871-6260.
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