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  • The Public Works Department typically conducts its Water Main Flushing Program in the spring.  To minimize inconvenience to our water customers, crews conduct main flushing during the later evening hours – from 7:00 p.m. until midnight, when water demand is typically its lowest. Crews will post hydrant-flushing signs in the service area where they are working to notify residents that flushing will occur that evening.  The annual hydrant program is a standard water utility practice that ensures safe, clean and clear water throughout the year.

    Fire hydrants are flushed in order to remove iron oxide and other naturally occurring minerals that have settled at the bottom of water mains during periods of low water demand.  These minerals are the reason for occasional incidents of discolored water.  Our crews solve this problem by opening hydrants to allow water pressure to flush out oxides and sediment until the discoloration disappears.  Because the Village’s water system is close-looped, every household, business and industry may be impacted, regardless of the location of the flushing. 


    Village water customers are cautioned that during water main flushing:


    ·         A temporary drop in water pressure and discolored water may be experienced.


    ·         Clothes should not be laundered during these hours to prevent the likelihood of stains.


    ·         Taps should be run in the morning to clear up any discoloration that may still exist.  Discoloration may persist for a few days after flushing is completed. 


    If you have additional questions, contact the Public Works Department at (630) 871-6260. 
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