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  • Several residents have recently inquired about the health threat posed by the recent spread of the mosquito-transmitted ZIKA virus being reported in Central and South America. The Village is working closely with both the DuPage County Health Department and Clarke Environmental, the Village's mosquito control contractor to stay apprised of any developments that arise regarding the virus's threat to our nation's public health.

    The ZIKA Virus is carried primarily by a mosquito called, Aedes aegypti which is NOT ESTABLISHED in Illinois. The Village's community program service contracted through Wayne and Bloomingdale Township for the 2016 season has been expanded to increase mosquito surveillance for other competent carriers to the Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses. The contract service thru Bloomingdale Township includes 2 additional ovitraps for enhanced surveillance. One particular vector the Aedes albopictus, is a container-breeding mosquito that requires residents to be especially vigilant in preventing and eliminating standing water on your property from empty flower pots, planters, gutters and bird baths.

    With the coming spring and its ample rainfall, homeowner's are asked to initiate the same countermeasures for the Zika virus as is recommended for the West Nile virus that includes reducing standing water around your home and practicing the 4 Ds of personal protection:

    DRAIN: Drain those items that collect standing water around your home, yard or business. Scrub and refill pet water dishes and bird baths regularly.

    DEFEND: Use an insect repellent containing DEET, Picaridin, Oil of lemon eucalyptus or PMD and IR3535 when outdoors and reapply according to directions.

    DRESS: Wear long pants, long sleeves and closed toe shoes when outside to cover the skin.

    DUSK & DAWN: Wear repellent outdoors during these prime times for mosquito activity. For the latest health advisory regarding the Zika virus, Click on the following New Release published by the DuPage County Health Department.

    Click here for Health Advisory from the Center's for Disease Control

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