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  • Have you noticed an area in your yard where someone has placed colored flags or painted lines on your lawn?  Do you wonder what’s going on?  These marks identify underground utilities.  Each color identifies a different type of utility line and aids excavators so they do not damage those lines (see chart below).  The Public Works Department marks water lines, sewer lines and streetlight cable.

    Residents who are digging in their yards for landscaping or construction purposes should always remember to dial 811 or (1-800-892-0123) before digging.  J.U.L.I.E. provides a free service to call for the locating and marking of underground utility facilities. 

    So why are there marks in your yard?  Are you having cable installed?  A patio poured?  A fence built?  Your yard landscaped? Your contractor would call JULIE for any of these reasons  - and quite a few more.  If you still have questions about JULIE locate markings, call the Carol Stream Public Works Department at (630) 871-6260, and we’ll try to help.




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