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  • On street parking at any other location within the village is prohibited between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.  On street overnight parking is only allowed on the south side of Munson Drive between Kuhn Rd. and the Newport Village Clubhouse.  A formal request to temporarily park a vehicle on the street must be directed to the Police Department who will then review the request.  On street parking is prohibited anywhere in the Village for a period of 12 hours after a one-inch snowfall.  Residents who violate the on-street parking prohibition will be subject to fines and towing charges.

    • Owners of passenger autos, motorcycles, B plate trucks and recreational vehicles are allowed to park their vehicles on private driveways or any authorized off-street parking facility.
    • It is unlawful for residents to obstruct pedestrian access to a public sidewalk with their vehicle. 
    • Residential homeowners must perform all auto repairs within an enclosed garage area on their property or at an authorized commercial repair facility.

    Outdoor recreational vehicles such as boats, towed campers, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles can be parked on a private drive within 15 feet of a garage or private residence. Owners may store their non-motorized recreational equipment in the off-season on an unpaved rear yard or side yard (when not adjacent to a street) provided the resulting tire tracks do not permanently alter the grading and land drainage pattern of the property. Recreational vehicles may not be parked on an unpaved surface.  Recreational vehicles may not establish a water or sewer connection and may not be used as sleeping quarters for more than seven days during a thirty-day period.

    Handicapped Parking Placards Temporary disability placards are available to residents of the Village with either temporary or permanent disabilities.  Applications are available from the Village Receptionist and must be completed by both the applicant (patient) and their physician.  A nominal fee is charged for each placard. 

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