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    Political Campaign Signs

    This handout is intended to provide information regarding the requirements pertaining to political campaign signs in the Village of Carol Stream. Please note that permits are not required to install political campaign signs; however, the Sign Code contains requirements for political campaign signs that are enforced by the Village.

    Requirements for Political Campaign Signs:

    Political campaign signs may be placed within the public right-of-way or on private property, except no such sign may be located within the 25-foot sight triangle or be installed so as to obstruct the view of traffic. Following are additional requirements for political campaign signs specific to placement in the public right-of-way or on private property:

    Political Campaign Signs in the Public Right-of-Way:

    ü     Are allowed to measure a maximum of eight square feet in area.

    ü     May be installed beginning 45 days prior to the date of the election and must be removed upon the close of the election event.

    ü     It is recommended that consent be obtained from the owner of the private property adjacent to the public right-of-way upon which the sign will be placed.

    Political Campaign Signs on Private Property:

    ü     Are allowed to measure a maximum of 32 square feet in area and six feet in height.

    ü     Consent of the property owner upon which the sign will be placed must be obtained before the sign is installed.

    Political Campaign Signs on Publicly-Owned Property (outside Public Right-of-Way):

    ü     Are not allowed on property owned by the Village of Carol Stream.

    ü     Anyone wishing to install political signs on property owned by another taxing body (Park or Fire District, Library, etc.) must first obtain permission from that body.


    Additional Notes:

    ü     Political campaign signs must not be placed on or affixed to any utility pole, traffic signal standard, utility/traffic control box, sign post, mailbox or tree.

    ü    Signs containing political speech (other than campaign signs) may only be installed on private property and need not be associated with an election campaign. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development

    Department with any questions at (630) 871-6230.

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