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    Building permits shall not be required for the following one- and two-family residential work.

    • Decorative landscape features (non-structural items such as trellises, ponds less than two feet in depth, or landscape block walls less than three feet in height)
    • Dish antenna no greater than three feet in diameter
    • Fire pit (Click for more information)
    • Low voltage wiring system
    • Mailbox (must comply with Public Works Department installation requirements)
    • Remodeling with no structural modification and no addition, alteration or relocation of plumbing, heating or electrical installations
    • Replacement of existing electrical fixtures, switches, receptacles and circuit breakers
    • Replacement of existing plumbing fixtures with no alteration of existing piping
    • Recreational apparatus, such as swingset or basketball hoop
    • Roof
    • Routine maintenance
    • Sidewalk (four feet or less in width and located entirely on the private lot)
    • Shed equal to or less than 64 square feet in area
    • Siding
    • Tent or canopy (residential)
    • Window or door replacement with no change in the size or location of opening

    NOTE: Although a building permit is not required for the above work, it remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure compliance with the requirements of the adopted building and zoning codes of the Village of Carol Stream.

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