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  • Carol Stream Village code requires the licensure and display of Village issued vehicle stickers by any person or entity residing in, or conducting business within the village who own or lease a vehicle (any motor vehicle or motorcycle) registered with the Illinois Secretary of State to a Village address.

    New residents and new vehicle owners have 60 days from the date of residency change or vehicle acquisition to display a village issued vehicle sticker on the respective vehicle(s).  Residents must provide documentation of the date of new residency or vehicle acquisition to avoid late penalties.  The Village will honor a new resident’s vehicle sticker from their former community through its expiration provided the former community’s vehicle sticker expires within one year.

    Beginning May 1, 2017, vehicle licenses are valid for a period of two years.   Vehicle registration renewals occur May 1st through June 30th of every odd numbered year.  A registration renewal application will be mailed to all addresses having a registered vehicle on file on or about May 1st of odd numbered years.  Vehicles can be registered and issued a vehicle sticker in person at the Village Hall, by mail, by Village drop box, on-line, or at local Carol Stream currency exchanges.  See fee schedule below.

    Any resident or business, who fails to purchase and display a valid vehicle license for their vehicle by June 30th of every odd numbered year or within 60 days of residency change or new vehicle acquisition, will be subject to late fees and citations.


    IMPORTANT:  Failure to receive a license renewal application does not exclude late applicants from late fees or associated fines.


    FEE SCHEDULE (May 1, 2017)


    Type Cost   Type Cost
    Passenger Vehicle $30   “H-Z” Plate Trucks $158
    “B” Plate Trucks and RVs $40   Motorcycle $18
    “D” Plate Trucks $68   Senior Passenger Vehicle (Limit one per Senior) $6
    “F” Plate Trucks $112   Active Duty Military  No Charge


    New for 2017-2019 Vehicle Registration

    SAVE MONEY!  As an added incentive, renewal of your vehicle sticker through the Village’s on-line payment portal will result in a discount of $5 for each passenger vehicle purchased ($3 for motorcycles and $1 for seniors).   You may log on to this FREE service at carolstream.org.  Click on Residents/Online Services/Vehicle Registration to begin the process.  The discount will apply only to previously registered vehicles using this form and will be available from May 1 to June 30, 2017.  Questions, please call 630-665-7050.

    To print a Vehicle Registration form click on the following link  Vehicle Sticker Application

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